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Patanjali Package For Cirrhosis of Liver (FREE SHIPPING)

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Patanjali Package For Cirrhosis of Liver (FREE SHIPPING)

Patanjali Package For Cirrhosis of Liver (FREE SHIPPING) Specifications

Package Type Sachet Pack
Package Content 312g
Product Expiry Minimum 6 months
Product Usage Dosage is mentioned in the description else to be used as directed by the physician.

Patanjali Package For Cirrhosis of Liver (FREE SHIPPING) Indications, Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects

Package of Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines for the Cirrhosis of Liver, A completely safe and natural way of controlling Critical liver diseases.

Package Ingredients:-

1. Divya SarvaKalp Kwath             200 gm
Good Liver tonic & supports gastrointestinal health. Useful in liver diseases and other gastric disorder.

2. Divya KayaKalp Kwath                   100 gm
Removes unwanted pigmentation and useful in blood purification.

3. Divya Praval Panchamrit                  10 gm

4. Divya Kasis Bhasma                             5 gm

5. Divya Swarna Makshik Bhasma               5 gm

6. Giloy Sat                                         10 gm

7. Divya Swarn Vasant Malti Ras                    2 gm
These Medicines manages liver disorders and builds body resistance against liver diseases.

8. Divya Udaramrit Vati                             40 gm
Useful in liver diseases and other gastric disorder, Also used in Digestion and Stomach Problems.

9. Divya Arogyawardhini Vati                      40 gm
Useful in Liver and blood disorders

Mode of Administration:-

* Medicine No. 1,2 - Boil one teaspoon (5 gm) of this medicine with 400 ml. of water till it reduces to 100ml., take twice on empty stomach, before breakfast & dinner.

* Medicine No. 3,4,5,6,7 - Mix all these medicines together, divide into 60 parts, take each an hour before breakfast & dinner with honey or warm water.

* Medicine No. 8,9 - One tab. from each, two / three times a day. Take after breakfast / dinner with luke-warm water / milk.

Dosage :- 1 Month

Causes of Cirrhosis of Liver:-

* Intake of alcohol in high quantity
* Gallbladder surgery
* Environmental toxins
* Viral hepatitis
* Biliary atresia
* Wilson's disease
* Primary biliary cirrhosis
* Major cause is blocked bile ducts that can put high pressure on liver and overburden it
* Bile duct injury
* Poor nutrition
* Congestive heart failure
* Schistosomiasis
* Cryptogenic cirrhosis
* Alcoholic liver disease, which damages the liver cells
* Chronic hepatitis C, B, D
* Autoimmune hepatitis
* Hemochromatosis
* Glycogen storage diseases

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