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Patanjali Missi Atta (FREE SHIPPING)

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Patanjali Missi Atta (FREE SHIPPING)

Patanjali Missi Atta (FREE SHIPPING) Specifications

Package Type Sachet Pack
Package Content 1Kg
Product Expiry 1 Month
Product Usage To be used as per rquirement.

Patanjali Missi Atta (FREE SHIPPING) Indications, Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects

Patanjali Missi Atta a unique combination of whole wheat, gram and barley. it is a special kind of atta which consists of three grains which are whole wheat , barley and gram . These are grounded uniformly for proper mixture of these grains which results in fine flour. It has lot of health benefits and provides nutrition.

* It helps in boosting metabolism.
* It contains a high amount of minerals content.
* It increases digestion ability.
* it contains iron, sodium etc.
* It regulates blood pressure and enhances brain health.
* It strengthens bones and improves immunity.

Ingredients:-Whole Wheat (50%), Barley (30%), Gram (20%)