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Pachak Jeera Khati Mithi Goli (FREE SHIPPING)

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Pachak Jeera Khati Mithi Goli (FREE SHIPPING)

Pachak Jeera Khati Mithi Goli (FREE SHIPPING) Specifications

Package Type Plastic Bottle
Package Content 100g
Product Expiry Minimum 6 months
Product Usage 5-10g twice in a day or as directed by the physician.

Pachak Jeera Khati Mithi Goli (FREE SHIPPING) Indications, Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects

Pachak Jeera is one of the many options in the Patanjali Natural Health care and Digestive products range for you to choose from for your daily digestive routine. The root cause of a large number of diseases is a bad stomach and a faulty digestive system. Regulating and keeping this system in balance is critical for good health. A good digestive routine is absolutely essential to help this vital system functioning at optimum level. Pachak Jeera, taken daily, helps soothe common stomach ailments and strengthen the digestive system.


* Improves digestion
* Relieves flatulence
* Cures stomach
* inflammation
* Alleviates loss of appetite
* Tackles Amlapitta
* Helps with post-lunch laziness


* Cumin seed
* Sea salt
* Black salt
* Rock salt
* Black pepper
* Long pepper
* Coriander
* Citric acid
* Dried mango powder
* Sugar