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Divya Mukta Pisti (FREE SHIPPING)

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Divya Mukta Pisti (FREE SHIPPING)

Divya Mukta Pisti (FREE SHIPPING) Specifications

Package Type Sachet Pack
Package Content 2 g
Product Expiry Minimum 6 months
Product Usage As directed by the physician.

Divya Mukta Pisti (FREE SHIPPING) Indications, Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects

Divya Mukta Pishti is made from pure pearls and rose water. It is a very useful treatment for stomach ulcers. It is known as an excellent antacid and gives soothing and cooling effect. It also improves the strength of the muscles and the metabolism. It takes is also known as a health supplement and has a high quality tonic which takes care of the bones. It is also beneficial for skin it revitalizes the skin and catalyzes new skin cell growth. It is also useful in female related problems such as leucorrhoea, dysmenorrhoeal, abdominal bleeding, menstrual irregularities & menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweat etc. It is also good for calcium deficiency.


* Stomach ulcers
* Excess pitta
* Calcium deficiency
* Leucorrhoea
* Abdominal bleeding
* Menstrual irregularities


Pearl (Mytilus Margaritiferus).